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* To work for the social development of unprivileged individuals, groups and communities and the dignity of labour.

* To encourage health care, development and health promotion.

* To assist in process of social integration and personal realization of unprivileged children youth, adult and old people and families.

* To endorse the human rights and in particular the right of the women, children and young people as well as the right of unprivileged groups and communities.

* To work for alleviation of domestic violence and imparting marriage counselling.

* To provide long term residential care and basic services to marginalized communities

* To practice, encourage and popularize humanitarianism and philanthropism.

To accomplish the aforesaid objectives and to help the most vulnerable members of the sociality our works include:

• Analysis and assessment of needs

• Developing programs and strategies for developments

• Empowering and developing local communities

• Interaction with stakeholders

• Establishing centres/ institutions for child care, health, education, vocational training, community development, etc.

• Providing workmen permanent dormitories, messes and recreational facilities.

• Care policies development and more.